KittyG (kgaleway) wrote in watchingrule63,

More pco sketches

A couple more from the same artist I believe, (who I really want to credit, so if anyone knows their handle anywhere that could be lovely.)

And now for some Mum!Comedienne with minific, requested by yours truly.

Break for tears.

Eddie has zero maternal instinct. She couldn't even produce milk for little Laurence, the baby would squirm and cry and constantly remind Eddie of Sam.

She tries to take care of him at first, an emotional wreck probably suffering from postpartum depression. Fully understanding the horrible world she'd brought the child into out of sheer stubbornness

She snaps the day she catches herself considering ending her son's tiny life to save him a life of fear, deciding to give him to his father for safe keeping. Sam would know what to do with the child, and do a much better job bringing him up than Eddie could ever hope to.

She on the other hand would focus on shaping an America and a World that both would be safe in. No matter what she had to do.

(Seriously, this is why I don't post any of my own sketches, I'd feel like fail. XD)

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