Gen: angel

Two fics

Title: A Small Death
Characters: Rorschach/63!Dan.
Rating: Mature, explicit. Sort of non-con-ish.
Word count: 531
Summary: Rorschach dreams about Danielle.

Even months after Grice, he doesn't sleep much, but when he does sleep...

Title: How To Fall Off A Pedestal
Characters/Pairing: Rorschach/63!Dan
Rating: Mature, explicit. Het/porn.
Word count: 5260
Summary: Danielle seduces Rorschach. Granted, she doesn't have to try very hard.

He has a disturbing habit of breaking into her house.
edie ☞ vintage

Fic: Mysterious and Debonair and Playful

Title: Mysterious and Debonair and Playful
Author: radishface 
Pairing/Characters: Edie Blake, Sammy Jupiter & other 63'd Minutemen.
Rating: R
Verse: 63 Verse, AU
Wordcount: 2424.
Summary: Edie is supposed to be a certain way.
A/N, Many thanks to anactoria  for the beta!

She sucks on the gummy bear rather than chewing it, this all happening behind closed lips and a hint of a smile.  )

Lots of Rule 63 fanart here. Some previews:

ME! By ME!

Souls Desirous Part 1

Title: Souls Desirous Part 1
Author: quietprofanity
Fandom: Watchmen
Pairings: Rorschach/female!Nite Owl II, Twilight Lady/female!Nite Owl II (future part), Silk Spectre II/female!Nite Owl II (future part), Rorschach/female!Nite Owl II/Silk Spectre II (future part)
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and are used for non-profit purposes.
Warnings: Representations of misogyny and homophobia. Will eventually be porn of the m/f, f/f and m/f/f variety. Some concepts in later chapters may be triggering.
Summary: The story of Danielle Dreiberg, and how others saw her.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to sandoz_iscariot for helping me title this.


(It’s 1964 and Walter Kovacs is looking around the corner of a brick building, pretending to be Rorschach.)